We use traditional pig breeds

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Well Vale is a start up real food company producing high quality, ethical and traditionally reared red meat, sold direct to consumers and restaurants through our Well Vale shop in Alford, Lincolnshire. We are based on the Well Vale Estate, part of Willoughby Farms Limited, a third generation family farm established in 1954.  We rear all our own beef and lamb and care passionately about what we do. We aim to rear animals as naturally as possible; keeping them outdoors as much as possible and feeding the cattle and sheep grass based diets. We do not routinely use antibiotics. We have a Lincolnshire based farmer who supplies us with pork, rearing free-range, rare-breed pigs to our specification.  A local abattoir provides a humane slaughter after which the meat is transported back to the shop where it is traditionally dry aged.  We butcher the meat ourselves and also use it to make a range of delicious high quality sausages, dry-cure bacon and pies.