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Well Vale is a start up real food company producing high quality, ethical and traditionally reared red meat, to be sold direct to consumers and restaurants. We are based on the Well Vale Estate, part of Willoughby Farms Limited, a third generation family farm established in 1954.  We care passionately about what we do, and look to rear animals as naturally as we can; keeping them outdoors as much as possible, feeding the cattle and sheep grass based diets, and allowing the pigs to forage naturally.  We are going to be using a mix of traditional and more modern breeds, looking to breed and rear happy, healthy animals.  A local abattoir will provide a humane slaughter after which the meat is transported back to the farm where it will be traditionally dry aged in the purpose built facilities we are developing.  We are going to butcher the meat ourselves and also use it to make a range of delicious high quality sausages, dry-cure bacon and pies.  This blog details our journey from idea to institution!

  • - Blimey, where did those six months go…

    I have been absolutely rubbish at updating the blog, but fortunately we have been harder at work in the shop!  Well December was quite a month.  We opened on schedule on 1st December and had a fabulous first few days.  We were over the moon at how many people trusted us with their Christmas dinner, and … Continue reading “Blimey, where did those six months go…”

  • - Christmas Price List 2016

    We’re pleased to announce our Christmas list for 2016.  Please download the order form from here if you would like to place an order with us. These are the items we have available for Christmas orders: Norfolk Black or Norfolk White free range turkey Norfolk Blacks and Norfolk Whites are traditional, slow growing breeds.  Norfolk … Continue reading “Christmas Price List 2016”

  • - Nearly there!

    We are now well into the final push of getting ready to throw open the doors of the Well Vale shop.  Our manager has been appointed and started work on the 1st.  We have interviewed and appointed our shop assistants. Tradesmen are beginning to reach the end of their roles and the shop is starting … Continue reading “Nearly there!”

  • - Drawing breath

    At the moment there is a slight pause whilst solicitors hammer out a couple of details with the properties deeds so I have time to stop for a moment and blog about the last month.  I have had a procession of tradesmen and suppliers around the building to discuss what works need doing and to provide … Continue reading “Drawing breath”

  • - An exciting change of direction….

    After a slightly torrid experience getting planning permission for the buildings at Well, a curve ball was thrown when the last remaining butchers shop in Alford was put on the market. To start from the start, my planning application for change of use on some farm buildings here at Well was submitted and all seemed … Continue reading “An exciting change of direction….”